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Welcome to La Patirana. Located in the historic and picturesque village of Zandobbio.
The last official resident was our great-grandmother Carolina who was the last descendant
of the Colombo-Patirani family that has consistently lived here for almost 400 years.

After entering through the majestic entrance, you’ll find yourself in the oldest part of the house,
the living room with its’ large sandstone fireplace where we serve breakfast.
The room boasts a pointed vault ceiling that takes us back in time to it's manor house days
that date back to the sixteenth century.

The elegant and expansive Patirana orchard starts at the south end of the Manor,
complete with the traditional and historic masonry fence.

The vibrant flower garden together with the fertile vegetable garden is a feast
for the senses as they’re gently protected by a host of luscious fruit trees.

For centuries this manor house was used as a vacation retreat for the family
and it’s warmth and elegance has always been meticulously and lovingly maintained.

In 1838 Carolina’s grandfather Sylvester Patirani, started an ambitious renovation project
and expansion responsible for the manor’s present neoclassical appearance.

The welcoming ground floor, houses the three guest rooms complete with finely decorated original doors,
walls and ceilings, evoking the manor’s long and historic past, when family
and summer guests would come to use the local thermal baths.